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Our Story

KAVAKBRAND started out when a few friends got together at this Amazing Cave in Venezuela called Cuevas de Kavak which means Kavak ‘s Cave. This particular Cave has huge walls of Rocks and also a small river that makes it really unique; many of us like art and there were many indigenous over there at the time and they were wearing unique jewelry from their Tribe and this combined with the Unique cave made us think that we should make our own Jewelry.

We had been studying the possibility of making our handmade jewelry brand in the past and after 4 years we finally put together a team to start designing our pieces and started working hard on this brand. We want people to see and feel our Latin Culture since in our company we have people from Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica and United States. We wanted to mix all these different cultures to bring to the world an amazing art full of pride and fashion.

All of our Bracelet’s materials are sourced in different countries in South America always looking for unique threads/strings, pendants, real stones and more. We strive to look for the best quality materials in order to make our jewelry stand out and last longer than many common handmade jewelry brands out there.